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Code 16k

The Code 16K barcode is a multiple-row barcode that can encode the full ASCII symbol set below ASCII 128. It uses existing UPC and Code 128 symbol set patterns. Up to 77 full ASCII characters or 154 numeric characters can be encoded. These symbols are encoded into 2 to 16 rows. Each row is divided by a separator bar. The top and bottom of the symbol also have separator bars that extend to the ends of the minimum quiet zones.

If the barcode has four or more consecutive numbers, the numbers are encoded in double-density mode. This means that two numbers are encoded into one character width, making the size of the barcode smaller. The Code 16K barcode has three forms of error detection. Parity is checked for each symbol, start and stop symbols are used to identify each row, and two checksum symbols are always appended to the end of the barcode.

Valid characters: ASCII-characters between 0..127

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