My sincere plaudits for a wonderful package - WordTempl! I have been looking for something like this for years to fast filling my documents - it is fa...

Jose L. Balaguer, Spain

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Free Online Barcode Reader


We are pleased to announce a new service - Free Online Barcode Decoder \ Reader.

free online barcode reader

Easy Barcode Creator 2.0.1 is out.


Fixed control digit validation error in ISBN13 symbology.

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Easy Barcode Creator 2.0.0 is released.


New in this version off EasyBarcodeCreator: Bug fixes. Added export to TIFF and EMF formats. Data List, with the possibility of adding sequences codes. Added charsets and samples of symbologie...

new barcode symbologies

Easy Barcode Creator is released.


We present a new product Easy Barcode Creator. Easy Barcode Creator - software which allows you to create barcodes with minimal cost. More info.

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WordTempl 2.0.2 is out.


This version contains some bugs fixes.

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